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Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community and to make a difference.  To ask about opportunities in your community click on the link below.


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Training Opportunities

Tree Worker Academy, August 29- September 2, Helena, MT

Corporate Sponsors

Corporate Sponsors are the life blood to the Association.  They provide the funds to do the work we do.  Corporate Sponsors donate at least $5,000.00 each year to the Association.







Why Be a Member of MUCFA

  • Be a part of the body that provides direction to the DNRC urban and community forestry program.
  • Connect with other tree people from around the state dealing with similar tree issues as you.
  • Membership discounts at training provided by MUCFA. MUCFA members will receive a 20% discount at all MUCFA functions.
  • Opportunity for grant funding when available.
  • Updates of what is happening around the state concerning urban forestry issues.
  • Awards; MUCFA will be giving away yearly awards to its members; Urban Tree Steward of the Year, Urban Tree Volunteer of the Year, Urban Forest Project of the Year, Tree Contractor of the Year, etc.

Membership Brochure

Purchase membership with Credit Card

Company or Community Membership $100

Individual Membership $50 

Friend of the Association (non voting) $25

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