Media Campaign

The purpose of the media campaign is to raise the level of awareness to Montana citizens about the importance of trees in our lives.  All the information and graphics you find on these pages are provided without copyright protection.  Please feel free to use on your own websites or as you see fit.  Some examples might include a mailing to citizens using images from the campaign.  Maybe including a message in local water bills about the importance of trees utilizing the media campaign images.  You might even utilize the images in your company letterhead.  If you do find a way to use the resources please let us know as it will help to validate the campaign.

Plant Trees

“Plant a Tree not for Yourself but for the Future”

“Leave a Legacy…Plant a Tree”

“Clean air, clean water, and shade…Plant Trees”

Trees Have Value

“Stressed out? Take a walk among some Trees”

“Want to Increase your Home’s Value by 15%? Plant a Tree”

“Living Around Trees Improves Your Health”

Trees Require Care

“Need Tree help? Call a Certified Arborist”

“Set your Tree up for Success, Call a Certified Arborist”

“Flattops make good haircuts but not on Trees, Don’t Top Trees”