Trees Require Care

Trees Require CareThe cost of planting, caring for, and finally removing a large mature tree can cost approximately $10k over the life of the tree.  Trees require care from the beginning to the end.

Don’t Top Trees 

“I am worried that the tree over my house is too tall.  Should I top it?”  NO! Topping is a 30 year old practice that actually does more harm than good for your tree. no-topping

Topping stresses trees due to the surface area of leaves being removed. Without leaves, the tree cannot produce food at 100%, leading to a snowball effect of problems. Secondary pathogens like fungus and insect damage then follow, adding to the stress level.  The tree can no longer grow, and is forced to use what energy it has left just to survive.

If you have an issue with a tree being too large, consult a certified arborist.  They will be able to guide you in making an informed decision that will resolve any tree conflicts with modern tree care practice.


  • Leads to decay
  • Creates increased maintenance cost
  • Encourages weak branch attachments, eventually leading to failure

Reasons to Prune Trees

Young Tree Pruning

Mature Tree Pruning

Watering Tips

Why Hire a Professional

Tree work is one of the most dangerous jobs in the United States.  Arboricultural work around houses and people is even more dangerous.  MUCFA recommends hiring an arborist certified through the International Society of Arboriculture.  In order to be a certified arborist, a person must acquire 3 years of experience in arboricultural work, pass a 200 question exam, and maintain credits in continued education.

List of websites from professional cert arborist in MT that are members of  MUCFA

Arbor Medic Tree Service– Bozeman, MT

Big Twig Tree Care– Belgrade, MT

Bozeman Tree Service– Bozeman, MT

Gardening Under The Big Sky- Bozeman, MT

Plants Etc.- Townsend, MT

Prorover Tree Service– Billings, MT

Southwest Arborcare– Butte, MT

Trees For Life- Bigfork, MT

What kind of insurance should you be asking your contractor to provide?

Most municipalities in Montana require tree contractors to have 1.5 million dollars in liability insurance.

Link to Certified Arborist

Find a Certified Arborist near you.

Contract Examples

City Tree programs around the State

City of Billings

City of Helena

City of Kalispell

City of Missoula

City of Great Falls

City of Bozeman

Webinar Sites

Check out these links for upcoming as well as archived tree related webinars

Urban Forestry Today, University of Massachusetts

Utah State University Extension

Forestry Webinars .net